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WHYU-LP is our official call sign for the American Militia Association's public radio station, officially licensed and registered with the Federal Communications Commission. We are the only FCC licensed FM broadcast station operated by a militia related organization in the United States. We are also the only 501(c)(3) militia related organization officially recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a public charity.

We're fighting for our rights that are supposed to be protected by the Second Amendment with the exercise of our rights that are supposed to be protected by First Amendment!

Although the regulations of both the FCC and the IRS limit what we can actually say on our broadcast, we intend to push that limit to the line and dare them to shut us down!

The ultimate protection of our rights however come from you! The people of this nation armed, trained and prepared to fight any foreign or domestic enemy is our best weapon against tyranny and usurpation of our liberty.

While our primary over-the-air station can only be heard within a few miles of Meyersdale, Pennsylvania, on 102.3 MHz, anyone can listen to WHYU online. The online audio feed on the Internet comes mainly from of over the air WHYU broadcast. However the FCC has certain rules that apply to our over the air broadcast that does not apply to our Internet stream, including certain restrictions on speech that are supposed to be protected by the First Amendment.

As such, you may hear commercial advertisments while listinening to WHYU online that help fund our station that are not aired on our broadcast station. This difference is necessary in order to expand our funding resources to maintain the station. If you are interested in sponsoring our Internet stream with a paid avertisement you may do so, but it will only air on our Internet stream. For our on the air broadcast and Internet stream, you can pledge your support with a donation and have the name of your company and slogan announced on our station as a sponsor. Commercial sponsors may also acquire ad space on the WHYU website.

We depend on financial support from our donors and online advertisers in order to keep WHYU on the air. As a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and your donations to our station are tax deductible!

WHYU is Public Funded Station

Your Donation Is Tax Deductible!
501(c)(3) Public Charity!

WHYU 102.3 FM

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